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DeSmuME Users Manual - Help & Support

desmume Download the latest version of the emulator
DeSmuME Download page

desmume Check DS ROM compatibility

Not all roms work on this emulator so check for the games that do and download them. Compatible DS Roms

desmume Unzip Emulator and Roms

Get them out of the ZIP archives so you have a folder with
DeSmuME.exe and SomeDsRom.nds

desmume From within emulator open the rom.

1. Double click on the emulator exe to open it.

2. In the EMU click on File -> Open

3. Select the .NDS file (ds game rom) to open and click Open

4. Select Emulation and click on Run to start playing the game.


desmume Emulator Controls

Z = A
X = B
A = Y
S = X
Q = L
W = R

If you have more questions go here -> DS Roms & Emulator FAQ

User manual in German is here -> DeSmuME Beschreibung - Hilfe & Support


DeSmuME Download

nintendo ds emuVersion 0.3.3
Version 0.3.0
Version 0.0.3

Emulates both CPUs
Direct DMA (not on VBlank or others)
Supports only Mode 0
Supports sprites
No support for extended palettes - sorting of backgrounds and sprites
Part of SWI
Does not emulate commercial game mainly because of CARD_REG
Emulates pretty well Meteos's demo but there is a small problem with the mouse

NO$GBA DS Emulator

NO$GBA is a good emulator with a high compatibility rate with DS and GBA games. It offers almost everything that you need in an emulator.
However, you might experience some distorted sound while playing certain games. This could be caused by problems with sound emulation or synching due to a lag in the frame rate. But despite these issues, NO$GBA is still popular and well-supported by the gaming community and GBA.

Pokemon emulator for iPhone iOS app and Android version download.

nintendo ds emu
base-source-code for 0.3.3 and desmume 0.3.4 Download
Sourceforge DeSmuME Page