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desmume Q: A game I want to play doesn't work - what can I do?
A: Check out some of the working games / nds roms - and wait for a new version of DeSmuME with better compatibility.

desmume Q: I tried a couple of the working roms on it and I realized that none of them had sound. I just wanted to know why, and if there is anyway I can fix it?
A: At this time DeSmuME DOES NOT emulate sound for the Nintendo DS games. That is one of the things that you will see added in the future releases of the emulator.

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desmume Q: Is the Official Website for this DeSmuME DS Emulator?

A: YES - according to the original DeSmuME creator yopyop.

Inicialy the official website was located at a free web host in France at url . Doe to illegal legal threats from Nintendo it was closed. YopYop decided that he would not continue developing DeSmuME. But don't worry others have picked up where he left off.

On 10/09/2006 at 12:39 yopyop wrote:
Other Information: A new team has taken over the project here:
More precise quote: Autres informations : Une nouvelle équipe a repris le projet, ici :

The source code of the project. But don't worry, the project is not dying, a new team is taking care of it now. Thanks to those who are starting to report bugs but I no longer take care of this project. Report them here. yopyop

les sources du projet
Mais pas d’inquiétude le projet ne meurt pas une nouvelle équipe s’en occupe maintenant.
Merci à ceux qui commencent à rapporter des bugs mais je ne m'occupe plus de ce projet
Signalez les ici
DeSmuME Official Website

desmume Q: Why did you make this website?
A1: To spread the good news that there is a new working NDS emulator.
A2: To make sure that IF decides to delete the official site there will be a backup.
A3: To provide support for DeSmuME in English as opposed to French.
A4: Because I like DeSmuME and thought it would be useful if it had a .com domain for distrubuting the emulator downloads.

desmume Q: Where can I download DeSmuME emulator?
A: Please go to Desmume Download page

desmume Q: What does DeSmuME mean?

A: DeSmuME is a new Nintendo DS emulator and the name is a play of words - DS Emu + ME (like FlashMe - firmware hack and PassMe mod-chip for DS)

The name DeSmuME derives from the popular use of ME in Nintendo DS products by homebrew developers. So DeSmuME would equal DSemuMe. Other popular uses of ME include:
LoadMe - a generic patcher for commercial DS roms that works with any GBA Flash Card,
PassMe - "mod-chip" using which takes authentication from an original DS card an allows execution of unauthenticated DS rom code from the GBA cartridge slot / GBA flash card.
FlashMe - a hacked firmware for DS that allows you to start code in DS mode from a flash card in the GBA slot.
WifiMe - are a set of a custom drivers and software by FireFly for RALink based wireless network cards enabling to boot homebrew code on DS via Nintendo Wireless Multiboot method.

desmume Q: Is multiplayer supported
A: No - Ni-Fi and Wi-Fi gaming is not sported at this time.

desmume Q: Is DeSmuME the only working DS Emulator?
A: No - there is also Ensata (made by Nintendo), DualiS, iDeaS, melonDS, No$GBA and DSemu. Read about al of them at

desmume Q: Where can I find / download Nintendo DS Roms?
A: Use Google search to locate some websites that provide NDS ROMS

desmume Q: Work on DeSmuME stopped and Emulator obsolete?
A: Work by Yopyop YES but other will carry on!

desmume Q: Will YopYop release Source Code for DeSmuME emulator?
A: YES - he already has. Download DeSmuME Source Code.

desmume Q: Can I ask you a question?
A: Yes sure - use the e-mail to do that.

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