Nintendo 3DS / DS Multi Game-Cartridges


What is NDS/3DS 500 in 1 multi-game cart?

dsi multi game cartridge DS Multi Game Cartridges from Nintendo can accommodate almost 200 full versions of original Nintendo DS games. The NDS multi game carts can be used in any corner of the world as they are not region restricted. These cartridges are also compatible with each of the Nintendo DS systems. The DS Multi Game Cartridges from Nintendo have the games that are original, in full version and complete in full color. The games that are provided here contain all the properties as well as exciting options. They include selection of desired language and saving the game like a single game cartridge. The default language of all the games that are available on the Nintendo DS Multi Game Cartridges is English (U.S); however, some of the games even have the options for some European languages like German, Italian, Spanish and French. One exciting feature of the Nintendo DS carts is that they are same as the regular NDS cartridges, same in shape and size. They won’t even void the warranty of your Nintendo DS. You also avail the advantage of not paying any import tax for the cartridges you receive. There is no repetition of games on any of the NDS multi carts.

Working of Nintendo DS multi game cartridges:

Nintendo DS multi game cartridge As soon as the cartridge is inserted and the NDS console switched on, a list of games will be presented to you to choose from. Just by scrolling up and down through the list on the D pad you can select and play your desired game by the A button. Just start any game and enjoy the experience of hard core gaming.

Custom cartridges:  The custom cartridges can be further classified into two classes: -

1GB custom cartridges: - This cartridge is a blank slate and you can choose any game that you want in your cartridge since you can find every DS game possible here. A 1GB cartridge can hold about 15 - 25 games on an average depending on the size of the games.
2GB custom cartridges: - The properties of the 2GB custom cartridges are same as the above but this being high on memory can hold about 20 – 50 games on an average depending on the size of the games. The games on both cartridges can be changed at anytime and this is the biggest advantage with the NDS multi game cartridges. The multi game cartridge for Nintendo DS will be your best buy.

Guarantees: - The cartridges of Nintendo DS multi game are 100% genuine containing all the games that are listed on this website. All the Nintendo DS multi cartridges are tested and there is no compromise on quality. The cartridges are checked again before being dispatched so that you receive a defect free cartridge. Even if under some unfavorable circumstances you receive a defected or faulty cartridge, you will have complete authority to send it back so that you get a new one without any defects. On your request the cartridge will either be replaced or a full refund will be made. Nintendo guarantees to bring a revolution in the hi-tech gaming world.




ds multi game cartridge

DS & DSi Multi Game Cart can hall all of the above games and 20 more - all in one Custom DS Multi Game Cartridge

DS Multi-Game Cartridges ✅ can hold up to 500 full DS games. All 【⚡】 PoKeMoN games in ne cartridge ..